Thursday, December 6, 2012

When the best bad plan is the BIM plan...

Prove it! Prove it! Prove it!

They’re demanding from me, ‘Prove your bloody BIM can do the job!’
Smugness never leaves their faces, the arrogant conviction oozing from their bodies.
I can prove my plans of course – but they never have the patience to listen through any length of explanation, too bloody complicated, too bloody difficult to wrap their fragile minds around.

See, it is crisis situation and they really have no time for yet another convoluted equation that will yet again end in me telling them to fire every-one-of their hands-off managers and start building up a real working work-strategy, from scratch.

Why do they have to waste their precious time on me, anyway?
When they have so much bigger wars to fight, crises to solve.

Or more precisely, projects and companies to destroy.
Because, that is what they are doing.
They  turn up their noses on every ‘smoking gun’ I present, while somewhere close-by a new ‘claim’ is born, created by one of our sub-contractors, a tiny baby-‘time delay’ emerges – ready to grow slowly into a monster force able to take down even the biggest of AEC giants.

Not only is my maths too complex for them, all that skipping of history classes at school is hurting –
knowing, that, not merely was Rome not built in one day, but many of the buildings well over-lived their speculative constructors – could give them some hints on what may yet come their way.
Poor souls must have missed out on bed-time fairy tales read lovingly by a parent – as they never learned that the ‘poor guy’ can win at the end of the story, or that the ‘little old lady’ from chapter 2 was the wise voice to listen-to on the way to fight the dragon.
And the fate of scores of overfed thanksgiving turkeys confidently enjoying their blissful lifestyles only a couple of weeks ago has a story or two to teach...

Let’s get this bloody show in a bloody order!

This cartoon has been ‘done to death’ by salesmen of ‘everything’;
I do like it though – as it rings so true –
I first came across a version of it almost 2 decades ago on one of Graphisoft’s presentations. 


  1. Yep, me too ... and remember it every time someone starts with "oh, but we are busy ..." Of course you are busy, you have to walk, and I am offering you a ride in the Porsche!

    Nah, Zolna, it's a mix of fear and ego ... fear that someone higher up will realize that a suit and haircut don't mean knowledge, and the ego unable to accept that in order to work you have to learn.

    If I had a fil for every time someone met me five months or years later and told me "yes, you were right then ..."