Monday, April 2, 2012

We are going to win in the end Diego, aren’t we?

Mr. Maradona and I have a lot in common.
Both seasoned practitioners of our crafts, experienced and wise.
Presently we share a country of residence and we both are a bit vertically challenged.
Our bosses expect miracles from us on the ‘press-of-a-button’, while we know that the secret to success is in hard work.
We get groups of people perform magic. Some of the time.

So, no wonder I take an interest in his endeavours, sadly I doubt that he knows much about mine.
However, his team is not winning and neither is mine. I suggest we exchange notes!
A nice chat over a cup of herbal-tea could reveal strategic moves that one has tried while the other overlooked, share some tips on how to lift our spirits or just listen to the other tell stories of failed motivational camps and teambuilding exercises.

I do admit, he’s had more successes to show up in the past then what I get given credit for.
His main goal is for his team to score goals, while mine is still at the stage where I must get my players to come to the field even, let alone practice.
Still, there are so many other parallels that a meeting of ‘similar minds’ is well overdue.
If you think your job is hard Diego, you try to get BIM implemented!