Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stop shouting: learn BIM instead!

A strong vocal cord is a useful tool. However, it should not be the only one in your toolbox.
Unless you are an opera singer, even then a good stage presence is helpful to have.
Sadly, AEC is an industry that has a 'one-tool-in-the-toolset' modus operandi.
That tool being: 'shouting'.
If things aren't done the way you want them, shout!
If they are still not done well after this, shout louder!

Even if I put aside the unpleasant work environment this management strategy tends to create - there stays the uneasy feel that this can't be the smartest way to manage projects.
All the time, anyway.
Raising one's voice here and there could do wonders, but a 'forever-yelling-boss’ gets soon ignored and even when afraid, people learn to tune-out.

So, for those managers operating within AEC projects that the ‘gambling-construction-era’ has deserted or landed them on the receiving end of an unfairly advantaged counterpart, I have a suggestion:
Learn BIM!