Monday, April 23, 2012

“Committed to making nRAH an exemplar for the industry”

It does not seem that long ago that the BIM environment was swarming with pilot projects.
Everyone was doing them, carefully selecting ‘appropriate’ projects and placing them in the hands of the BIM enlightened, then charging them to pave the way to the future for many a fledging BIM company.
Some were completed, some abandoned, many ended up as glossy case-studies in industry magazines carefully referencing chosen software packages used.

Nowadays I see another extreme; megaprojects setting out boldly to become the exemplars for best practice on how to do all encompassing BIMs, multi-disciplinary modelling, coordinating, energy analyses, OM/FM, BOQs, the lot. Ambitious plans, heralding the biggest and best, the new ‘blue prints’ everyone will follow. No disclaimers, no hesitation!

In between there is: nothing.
From ‘no practice’ to ‘best practice’ in one clean sweep of the pendulum.
Call me cynical but something is not right here.
Only yesterday we were ‘boiling eggs’ in a highly controlled environment, making sure that spare ones were always close by, all hands stayed clean, the water did not get too hot and risks stayed fully under control.  
Suddenly we are preparing a ‘5 course meal for a crowd of a hundred’?
Same people, more or less the same equipment, give or take an extra pan or a pot we squeezed into the ‘mega budget’.
I am not convinced.