Friday, April 20, 2012

The entertainment value of BIM

I run a pretty versatile BIM department.
We don’t only simultaneously model in numerous packages and produce outputs in all possible D’s one-can-imagine, we offer unprecedented entertainment for our colleagues.
See construction sites, for example: places with dynamics, varying from totally-laid-back to spinning out of control from pressure, they quickly transform to a ‘jolly-mode’ when one of our BIM-guys turns up.

No longer are missed milestones, casting delays, shoddy subcontractor workmanship worrying issues. The pending visit of the big bosses is even of little interest when the ‘village fool’ arrives, clowning with flash IT equipment, speaking in funny BIM-lingo and cutely pretending to know something about construction while producing mere pretty pictures.

Our special talents are thankfully appreciated across the engineering offices too – I often watch with delight how engineers in their thirties (unable to print PDFs on their own) mock my multi-lingual trickster-modellers behind their backs.

Still, I trust the collegiality of my workplace; distinction is made between clowns and country bumpkins – we are BIM-jesters of the most professional sort!
If there existed worldwide championships to measure how much ridicule any given BIM group could provoke within its native environment, we would score pretty high!

The reason I’m happy to provide this entertainment is that historically, Jesters could also give bad news to the Emperor that no-one else would dare deliver. Think about that!