Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To all the prima-donnas of the BIM world: Welcome to my Group!

Labelling me a prima-donna did it!
Call it a ‘coming out’ of sorts but when I looked up the meaning of it…
(‘A very temperamental person with an inflated view of their own talent or importance.’)…
I thought, that’s it.
Time to set up a Group for BIM prima-donnas, like me… And, you know what?
If the membership stays at ‘1’ forever, I don’t give a toss…

I named the group E! BIM Group, where ‘E’ stands for ‘extraordinary’.

It is extraordinary, first, because it is set up to provide a refuge, a bunker to recover for ostracised BIM practitioners of ‘non-mainstream BIM-witchcraft’  that arrogantly enough still believe to be doing something good, positive, revolutionary, exceptional in fact!

It is extraordinary also, because it will not bow to the gods of ‘ordinary BIM’ that preach the forever-going on mantra of:
….LODs and national BIM standards and object libraries and CAD/BIM systems and BIM implementation plans and...clash detection of course...and… authoring programs…
Yet are unwilling to question global AEC corruption, incompetency to deliver projects, widespread and large-scale fraud, the sacred role of the drawing, mega-consultancies that set the rules…

It is extraordinary mainly, because ordinary BIM (as it is commonly known) does not work, has never worked and never will….
So, here is a platform to freely explore the alternatives.
There are alternatives! Welcome to my Group!