Friday, July 13, 2012

Whatever floats your boat… Google Sketchup is no more.

Trimble bought it, following their acquisitions of Tekla, StruCAD and ‘God knows what other little promising-looking-packages’ that they thought will together make a nice, AEC – all-encompassing BIM machine.  

It is weirdly comforting to see big guys making the same assumptions that little guys do.
Just on a significantly larger scale. Mind you, their mistakes are often personally less costly to the involved parties than those of the little ones that like me, throw everything in the pot on the back of an ill-funded belief.
The idea of a ubiquitous virtual space that will truly mimic our real-one, has been around for so long, that many treat it as ‘a proven thing’.
That it will be created by those, that are currently manipulating its base (i.e. the physical environment, the Earth, the buildings, the natural and man-made) – goes without saying.

Never-mind, that Autodesk never managed to come even close to it and never-mind that even though  Google acquired SketchUP for their dream to achieve the same, had failed, here comes another ignorant- giant, falling into the same trap.

“Welcome to my world’ – I say, you may think you have safety in numbers and size, but you might just fizzle out into another ‘good idea at the time’

A fresh new, ‘never quite the sum of-their-parts’ type BIM solution on offer, is just what we need. (not!)


  1. SketchUp are advertising six new Software Engineer and Sales positions today...

  2. I don't know how much research you did prior to posting this blog entry but a 30 second browse on the Trimble website reveals this document :
    According to Trimble themselves 3D Warehouse will still exist and Google Sketchup will still exist as a discrete software in both free and "pro" versions. I also can't quite figure out what your reference to Autodesk is referring to.


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