Monday, February 6, 2012

Arm me with BIM!

AEC analysts love to compare the building-creation industry, its workings and productivity (or lack of) with that of the manufacturing.
I find this quite weird;
I see more commonality with other ‘unrelated’ fields like travel, hospitality, education, even healthcare.
The most striking resemblance still, is with the finance and gambling industries – a connection very few people are prepared to acknowledge.

This is unfortunate.
The way ‘treasures have been shared’ within the participants of the industry has largely been determined by speculation, manipulation and luck for quite a while;
Facing up to this fact – would do a lot of good for all of us operating within the field.
Such collective enlightening  would not just make the game more sophisticated, but also assist the true uptake of BIM, no end.

For a start, we all would stop hoping that a general practice of ‘play nicely’ will spontaneously emerge and instead will all learn to survive – or even – thrive in the game that is tough, hostile and brutal.
Secondly, we would recognise that building owners/developers are ‘just’ another player at the table. Their stakes may be sometimes bigger than others’ but very often are not too.
Therefore, we should stop looking at them with expectations to single-handedly dampen the gamble and instead better arm ourselves to increase our own odds to win a fair share of the ‘booty’.

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