Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to wake up Sleeping Beauty? (my 5D ‘s been shelved for 5 years)

Recently I came across a PowerPoint that I got from the Vico guys when they were not even called Vico and before I purchased the programme.

What I was experiencing while looking at the slides was close to nostalgia.
Those were the things I was going to do, when I started off with my brand-new virtual construction business.

I was going to base my services on the principles similar to theirs, a truly 5 dimensional approach to working better in the construction arena.

Contrast this dream with the issues I’ve been bogged down lately and (rightly) criticised for by a number of readers.

Thick black blobs on white paper.
That is what I looked at nowadays. Highlights of my career.
Interpret, decipher, decode and translate thousands of drawings into a usable model.
On the way scale and rescale, format and colour, query and resolve, follow up and argue.

So, why DO I frequently grumble about Consultants’ Drawings?
Mostly because I can’t help thinking about what could I be doing if I did not have to unhide what consultants have hidden?
If they instead provided meaningful modelbased documentation (if not purposeful models)

I could pick up the Constructor/Vico dream I personally shelved almost 5 years ago and get my hands dirty by using the model for location based programming and planning resources utilising recipes.

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