Sunday, April 24, 2011

It IS ‘smokes and mirrors’ – and I am proud of it!

Today, I hope to tell more with pictures – though the words will be there too to fill the quota.
I borrowed a series of ads by an (I think) German Job search company I came across some time ago.

Hope you’ll find them really inspiring as they did help me focus my company’s service-offerings onto what really mattered and stopped myself from purchasing products just because they were ‘purposely built to address a particular need’.

Unfortunately this happened after I bought my first licence of Vico and forked out an (for my circumstances totally excessive) amount of money for a training in Vegas.
This is not a criticism of Vico – as they themselves went down the track of developing a highly sophisticated but totally unsellable system.
Smartly, they too opted for a more ‘smokes and mirrors’ approach by changing their tack to pushing the buttons that their clients wanted pushed.

The coffee machine – purchaser puts coin in, selects button, gets coffee;
What goes behind the interface – he does not know, does not care for.

‘Smokes and mirrors’ in the BIM context?
Use widely available tools, systems, approaches (and people) to deliver services that people perceive as out of ordinary.

The illustrations show this beautifully – though to be fair, this interpretation of mine may not have been part the originators intentions, I’m grateful they produced them.

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