Friday, April 22, 2011

Are digital and scale models mutually exclusive in smart building deliveries?

Shrewd developers of buildings know that CGI do not sell their products.
No matter how good and real the movies and VRs are, there is a better thing to use.

The real thing? Nope.
While they promote show-homes, create sample rooms, or even choose to complete the entire building before they market it, having the real thing is not necessary good for the seller.

The secret is in the: child. The child buried in (most of) us.
And the astute developers know this – so the best selling tool for them is still the physical, scale model.

This observable fact is quite relevant to BIM.
I have seen many BIM providers market to owners with the idea that their marketing cost will be reduced dramatically because there will be NO NEED for scale models

Swap this around:
Rather than trying to talk developers out of using scale models – make them aware how much cheaper and faster these models can be produced from a live, BIM model.
In fact a well executed BIM project can allow the cost effective production of progressively developed physical models throughout the process.

There is nothing quite as powerful in marketing buildings as a scale model.
A little house, a village, an entire city.
If it lights up here and there, even better. Little people dotted around?
Vehicles that move? Perfect!

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