Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The sixth category: BIM as a parasite

The problem with writing daily is the urge to start each post with ‘the biggest problem...’
Surely when it comes to an area of one’s interest there is a finite number of ‘biggest problems’ and continuing to introduce new ones lessens credibility.
Oh, well...May adopt Graham’s strategy and use the “one of the...” approach;

BIMologists of various kinds must wonder sometimes if their role is not a bit parasitical.
Deriving nutrients from the host giving not much back in return.
I marvel about this often. A sign of my insecurity? Not really.
If anything I am sometimes over confident of what I bring to my ‘host’.
Which means I am no longer a parasite, or am I?

Then there is the acronym. You can hardly be a good BIMmer without having your own twist on the acronym.

Flatcad was first called CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Drafting and Manufacture) then it lost the CAM when Architecture started to claim ownership, but added another D for Design. (CADD);
BIM was not always BIM either. First it was VC (Virtual Construction) but silly Graphisoft trademarked it and put most users off using it – so BIM became BIM (Building Information Modelling) for better or worse – before it got another M – for Management, I guess sounds more sophisticated...

My suggestion: Put two little ‘m’s in front of BIM
Meaningful and measurable

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