Friday, April 1, 2011

April fool’s joke-post: Staircase analysed (Part 1)

I was going to write an April fool’s joke-post for today;
Something outrageous and funny. Something to do with BIM.

Then, I thought of my staircase exercise. Now, there is a joke for you, a joke on me.
Ok, the exercise failed and did not go around the world. Too bad.
Can’t quite share the end results with you as yet,
they are still rapidly coming in at the rate of .... wait for it
...1 per week.

Today, I’ll respond to those that directly or indirectly questioned what my point was anyway.
I had multiple points.
First is to do with the 2D - projections part.
I wanted to raise awareness of the difficulties we all have with reading plans and sections.
Most of us can (or claim to be able) to do it well.

Really? Let’s look at this example again:
There is a 3D space (real or imagined). To convey this space fully through 2D projections, for every (and I emphasise every) element of this space we have to provide 2, correctly prepared orthogonal projections. A bit like shown on the pictures here.
To understand the 2, orthogonal projections, in our heads, we need to reverse the process and build every (!) elements up from 2 different views. Doable, yes;
But, is this really a technique worth sticking to at any cost?

These pictures can be downloaded as a (flat) PDF from here:

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