Sunday, November 24, 2013

A SPECTACULAR BIM OFFER at a fraction of a price! Exclusively for the UAE and for a very limited time only!

Well informed people operating in the construction industry of the UAE will be aware of a circular released by the Dubai Municipality to all Consultants and Contractors working in Dubai notifying them, that it is has been decided to implement (Building Information Modelling) for all Architectural and MEP Works on projects of a certain type and size, starting from the 1st of January 2014.

In conjunction with this initiative and taking into account my personal circumstances, I am using this opportunity to offer up my skills for any UAE based contractor or AEC client impacted by this new rule;
My offer is:
A world class BIM service delivered by myself working as an employee based in their Dubai – or other UAE office.
Absolute commitment to work in the best interest of the company and assist them get to grips with what BIM really is and what it can do for both the company and its projects (in a positive as well negative way, i.e. how to mitigate risks that will inevitably creep in and inflict major damages for the uninitiated).  

Good news:
Those that know me and appreciate the value I bring to any job I get involved in will also know that this is a pretty good deal on offer.

Bad news:
There is still extremely few if any people or entities that truly do appreciate this;

What I ask in return:
  • Commit to a 6 months contract at 25,000 UAE Dirhams salary/month
  • Arrange and provide UAE sponsorship/visa for me and 2 teenage daughters
  • Allow me to use my software, approach and processes
  • (i.e. judge me by the results I deliver rather than how I do them)
  • Let me work max 6 days/week 8-9hrs/day              
  • Don’t limit or in any way control what I do after hours
  • (as long as it is not related to the company I’m contracted to);
Offer expires on the 3rd  of December 2013 (or when the supply is gone – first come, first served);

Personal note to Friends, colleagues (ex), acquaintances that this note ends up being sent to (by me or others):
This is not a spam, not a joke, not even desperation kicking in; (trust me I always have a Plan B)

Just a potentially pretty good deal for two savvy business partners – and if not interested – there is a ‘delete’ button on most computers these days;