Sunday, August 19, 2012

“People don’t take your seriously because you are a woman!”

Tells me a friend/colleague as a response to my constant winging about what is happening within our company.
Nope, people don’t take me seriously because they don’t like what I say;

While I watch him walk into another trap of a ‘prove me that BIM works’ type, I’m genuinely sorry of the wasted time and effort that will be spent on this delusional round.

He will work hard for his masters, the hands-off-know-everything-yet-unable-to-do-mutch-on-their-own-middle-management of the company.

He will do the analysis and review of the incoming documents.
He will model the buildings in quite a high detail.
He will output discrepancies and warn where the risky parts are.
He will chase up the programme and sequence the construction.
He will spin the VR and section the sections.
He will render the stills, stitch up the movie.
He will pull all stops out and produce a super-duper, walking-talking BIM-mish looking output.

He may get a nod of approval at the end.
A repeat ‘order’ even, for another ‘prove me that BIM works’ exercise, yet neither will stop the company going down the tubes.

Might keep the two sides in their jobs for a while, but for how long? And why?

No, it is not OK for the management of a multinational company operating in the AEC not to know anything about BIM by now.
Boxing it up with “CAD-dish” things and let it sit on the fringes of project support is a joke.
It is neither acceptable for it to tolerate hands-off information management at any level and ridicule viable BIM approaches..
It is not right to forever ask for BIM to prove itself, while non-BIM is failing massively everywhere in the world.

Now, if you think this subject is not applying to you, yet you ARE actively involved with BIM, I’d say you are in denial.
There is an extremely high likelihood that what's happening to my company is happening at your place too and you also are constantly forced to justify your existence as a BIM-mer.

Let an old-hen give you a handy tip:

Never ever, let them pull you into another ‘prove me that BIM works’ argument;


  1. Naah ...

    If they don't know BIM, that's their problem. You are a professional, therefore you do your job and do it well because your professional conscience does not let you do otherwise. You do it with BIM, in your bubble if need be, and let everyone else do what they want. Heck, you told them a million times ...

    ... and they will come with a hat in hand at the first obstacle. What to do then, huh? Nothing - keep cool and just remind them that you told them so years ago.

    If you still feel that you have to prove anything, then you probably do. To the ones who make a career of their ignorance (hands off project managers in mid management first), proving anything is a waste of time.


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