Wednesday, October 26, 2011

‘Writing software for 3D modelling from scratch is unwise’

I told an acquaintance some years ago (my guess: it was about 2005).
I was really referring to the full-construction-integration package he was proposing to soon launch. His heart was in the right place, had government funding to chase his dream and a bunch of PhD students to execute it, I still could not earnestly back his concept.

He argued that some revolutionary software solutions originating from suburban garages still make it to the top, I said, time for believing in magical-tales has gone, you’ve got to work with what’s on the shelf, adopt and adapt, tweak, if necessary but don’t try to go back to the basics...

Time to ‘eat my words’?
As I pick up the next modelling package from the ‘shelf’, figure out its strengths and weaknesses, pilot through various projects and discard disappointingly...
I’m more and more convinced that creating a brand new digital modeller for construction is the way to go.

Imagine yourself looking at the line up of luxury sedans in front of the window of your construction site office, sent by various tool makers to make your job of a construction manager easier.
Sure, some of the cars have been modified, thicker wheels and dust-covers, one even comes in a nice yellow colour (construction people like yellow!).
..still, you need to build a four-wheel-drive, from scratch.

Picture taken from flickr (by gittsy)