Wednesday, October 12, 2011

“We are in donkey-deep doo-doos now...

- writes  Michael Laws, ex politician, ex mayor, current radio host and commentator. Someone I don’t always agree with, but this time an urge to distribute part of his opinion-peace published in the NZ SundayStarTimes hits me too hard – so I stop fighting and re-blog it ...

.... not because of natural disasters nor the world economy, but because we lack the skills base, the employment incentives, the entrepreneurial flair and, most of all, the aspiration.
Too many Kiwis are satisfied with their lot. No, worse than that. Satisfied not to succeed. And envious of – even hostile to – those that do. There is a view that those who demonstrate enterprise and initiative are just showing off. There is an undiluted joy when the Terry Serepisoses of this world hit the wall”

One might think that my bitterness towards the country I gave half-of-my-life to is starting to be a bit of a bore, especially within this quasi technical blog of mine, however...
...Don’t you find the parallel between the country so cool and yet so not-so and BIM, a niche ‘way of doing things within AEC’ to be strikingly apt?
Both think of themselves as innovators, leaders, above the rest, yet both are unprepared to push the limits of anything really, rock the ‘apple cart’, get out of their comfort zone, make a measurable difference!

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