Thursday, May 31, 2012

Should have 3D computer knowledge....

 States the job ad – on a well known, respectable, international consultant-company’s website advertising for a ‘senior architect’.

Not that I am searching for a new job, nothing like that, just part of my research.
You see, to find out what software-packages the companies that we may be dealing with in the future could be using, nothing beats their ‘vacancies listings’.
In fact, hardly anything gives such an instant indication on where a company (consultant, contractor or client) is with their understanding of BIM as how they advertise for roles that deal with the handling of project information.

It is a sad state of affairs when no brand name of preferred software appears, though it leaves an equally unhappy felling seeing that someone is after a “Revit architect” – and this is not because of the specific software they nominate in the ad, but due to combining those two words in such an unfortunate way.

It is well known, that the programming (IT) industry had high-jacked the term ‘architect’ – so one should not be surprised if the candidates that apply for the stated job turn up to be of a very-different profile than what the advertisers were after.

If my Grandma (soon to turn 92) declared I was ‘in a field of computers and 3d’ – I’d be chuffed, yet AEC’s HR people should know better than that!