Thursday, May 24, 2012

A bit more of a balance would be nice...

OK, I do admit, I looked up those shoes once. Only once, really...
And I did book airline tickets online, a number of them recently; it is that time of the year.
Now, I have to endure ‘from-subtle-to-invasive-and-anything-in-between’ attacks by the shoe and airline marketers of the world.

Thankfully my work environment is safe.
Pristine even, no evil promoters have managed to crack into the company’s MS Office or Outlook, nor GS’s Archicad/ Autodesk’s Revit.

Sometime, I wish they had.
As I model simultaneously in the two packages (as one does) I wish I had the perky gremlins of Google and Facebook lurking behind my tools trying to guess my next move.
You are creating a complex profile? How about some new Alucobond parapet flashing to use there, dear?
Oh, choosing from the limited range of store-entrances from the libraries?
Look, we have hundreds here for you, all the latest models, the cheapest would come straight from Argentina, delivered to you by lunchtime tomorrow...
Hmmm using ‘that’ hatch for your tiled-surface on the slab, nah, we can do better, these come pre-coloured  and pre-priced, ready for renders and BOQs...

One might say, ‘be careful what you’re wishing for’, cherish the privacy of your work-environment!
Wise thinking of course, still, the ever-widening gap between the ‘two ways of being’ can’t be that good for me, either.