Saturday, May 19, 2012

Have you got any idea how silly you look and sound?

…as you try nonchalantly to bluff yourself through the maze of BIM related questions around the boardroom table?
You remind me a bit of some ‘try-hard’ baby-boomers I once knew, that went to great lengths to keep up with the new hipster generations, doing the clothing, the music, imitating the moves, the lingo.
And those over-confident, largely mono-lingual tourists I often see on my travels, that work enthusiastically to out bargain local sellers on ethnic markets using a 100 word-phrase book.

I am a bit sorry if this BIM thing was dumped on you ‘suddenly’ and caught you unaware.
I also sympathize with the pain that you must be experiencing, as a fish out-of-the water, pushed from your comfort zone, but hey, it is time to change tack, simple bluff will no longer work.

Nor will the rest of your arsenal, I’ve so often seen in action.
The first: ‘ignore it, will go away’ attitude.
Then, the ‘give them some morsels of ‘logistics-modelling’ and throw in ‘clash-detection’’, will keep them happy for a while…
Counting to 6 on your fingers to show the 6D’s you know will not cut the mustard any more, and reciting the poem of how ‘BIM can be used in OM/FM’ will not impress anyone any longer either.

It is time to deliver the goods, walk the walk, or walk away.