Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadan Kareem!

A pinch and a punch, it is the first day of the month.
Ran out of inspirational BIM topics. But don’t go far, I’ll bounce back.
Something mildly annoying related to BIM is bound to come up soon and get my writing going again or I may trawl through my Linkedin groups’ discussions for an idea I can dissect or just lightly comment on.  

First day of Ramadan! The holy month observed by millions is celebrated widely in the city I am residing in at present.

I’ve lived in a number of towns around the world for decent stretches of time.
And I noticed:
In Auckland, New Zealand, you are permitted to walk on the grass in all public spaces.
On the other hand, you are not able to cross the harbour bridge on foot.
In Budapest, Hungary you may cross the river, on numerous bridges and any time of the day. However, the gorgeous, murky Danube that flows under them is out of bound for swimming.
In Novi Sad, Serbia – down the same river, you can swim on a beautiful beach visited by many every summer, yet aren’t allowed to walk on the grass in most public parks...

It is a varied world around us, speckled and stippled, spotty and striped.
I enjoy this diversity most of-the-time, it moves me and motivates.
Ramadan Kareem!

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