Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great expectations!

Business 101: Never over-promise, over-deliver instead!
Exceed your client’s expectations by giving them more than you initially promised.
Nice idea, petty it seldom works when it comes to BIM based services, regardless of whom the interaction involves.
My experience: give them a finger, they’ll expect the hand... and the other hand...
Why not throw the entire body in while we are at it?

Truly, it is hard to bring realistic expectations to the field when so many that are involved in trading BIM services have no idea what to ask for, how to assess proposals and if it is OK to accept the end products once the contracts are executed or ask for more. And more....and more...

In my ‘real architect’ days I went into great pains to get my clients to understand what they’d be getting once their building was built, sizes of rooms, lighting levels, feel of the space, colours, materials...I worked hard for them to visualise these before the final decisions were made.

That was not an easy job to do, many clients were still surprised at the end (pleasantly or sadly otherwise);
Still, looking back and comparing what needed to be done on those projects to what I ought to do nowadays for people to set clear BIM expectations was a bit of a child’s play.

If in doubt, under under-promise!


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