Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hama Beads theory

‘Please help me to convince my management to go for BIM’ is a request that regularly pops-up on blogs, real and virtual forums where AEC professionals gather.
It is often responded to people offering well meaning recommendations, strategies to employ, tools to use.

I usually (mostly internally) question the idea that you can, or even ‘should-try-to’ convince anyone to go BIM.
Any manager operating in the ‘post-gambling AEC’ era worth his/her salt should have by now considered BIM.
Even if s/he did not know it existed, s/he should have searched for something like it by now, or has had his/her head in the sand and little knowledge about his/her own project.
A waste of time attempting to influence.

To back up this theory, I present you with the latest (and probably lamest) of my BIM-analogies.
Simple it may be, I challenge anyone to disprove it:

Non-BIM AEC projects are run like this:
The project-information is a jar of Hama beads (pictured).
Every time, anyone needs to do anything to anything related the project, the person goes to the jar, and looks for the relevant bit of information.
It may be there, may not.
It may be on the bottom or in the middle. May take seconds to find, or an eternity.
Next time, next person, same story.

Smart AEC-managers use BIM, to fight the ‘jar-problem’.