Thursday, March 29, 2012

BIM in ‘limbo’ when owners are concerned

I’m the first one to accept, that AEC is not the ‘smartest tool in the shed’ when it comes to its ability as an industry to shape its own fortunes.
For long I have been moaning over the unfortunate lack of ‘fluidity’ and forward thinking even amongst the most innovative strategists within the field.
Still, skimming through masses of calls, for building owners to be the driving force for BIM (or similarly environmental consciousness) that are currently saturating industry forums, I am surprised.

Recently I’ve been referring to the current era as the ‘post-gambling world of construction’.
I may have been a bit premature with those statements.
Over the last twelve months the gambling behaviours of the ‘building owners’, large and small, still in the game have actually become, if possible more extreme and gambler-like.
Price shootouts, BAFOs and other flavours of the ‘how low can you go’ dances are daily set up all over the world to help the best deal secured for owners of bathroom alteration as well as new stadia.

It is time to change the record:
Owners will not drive BIM when the odds are so well stacked for them!
This is the time when BIM could be the weapon of choice for those that want to remain playing the ‘limbo’ without going out of business, i.e. the consultants and contractors.