Saturday, January 1, 2011

BIM: Evolution or Revolution? Finding the right answer is my New Year Resolution;

BIM: Evolution or Revolution?
No matter how much buzz is thrown into the arena of building creation that heralds the impending wide acceptance of BIM and IPD industry wide - I am unconvinced  that it will happen in the near future.
And, if it does happen – it will not be painless. Nor will be a fluffy – evolutional change. In this blog – over the time I will record my thoughts on why I believe this to be the case.
I intent to write about the rise of Flatcad over the last 30 years. About the damage it did to the industry and how buildings are documented.
About the lack of basic understanding most construction related, design consultant management people (the higher the worse) have of what is being produced within their companies.
How owners of buildings are intentionally kept in the dark on why most building projects turn out to be less than successful.
How there is little future for the currently under 15 year olds to meaningfully contribute to this industry in the next decade when they start working, without the revolution happening before they enter the workforce.
And much more...
I plan to muse over this dilemma and offer a though for each day over the next 365 days;
People have short attention spans; I’ll keep my daily postings to max 225 words.

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  1. Dear Madam,

    In my opinion, BIM is defenitely a revolution as construction is the only sector which had been unorganized, when BIM is been introduced things are started getting organized.
    But, big question? yes, It can not happen overnight. It is already crossed half the way evolution of evolution. All party from AEC should cooperate for win-win situation
    DG BIM Consulting