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Let’s suspend the complaining over the huge amounts of public money going into private pockets for a day, and look into what Murray Murray Associates (MMA) are about and how we are going to raise the standards of the global AEC .

We have been following the fortune-tellers forensically for the past two decades and know the field well,  
Most of the imagery found in the attached slideshow is from projects where we had been  hands on.
We have honed our skills working in many regions of the world.

Put simply, see us as the private investigators of the AEC industry;

When commissioned we prepare a report for our clients, based on the documents, so that they can see exactly what they are buying (or selling) both technically and financially, and make informed choices. 

There are many companies professing to provide such services already, but they usually fall short on one of the three critical components that MMA have:
Technical skills/knowledge, contractual savvy and total independence;

For more detail refer to the slideshow here:

also the press release we put out a couple of days ago:

Independent Forensic BIM Consultants

We are one of the most experienced and trusted independent BIM consultancy operating in the worldwide AEC market, and are now specialising in Forensic work;
Wherever you work within the AEC field globally, we can help you address any BIM related issue you come across.

We work for private and public AEC clients, including governments;
General contractors, big and small and the entire spectrum of subcontractors.
We do not work- for or represent consultants.
When we need technical or other expertise that are not within our core offerings, we source them for our clients independently and in a totally transparent way.

BIM or NO BIM, if you participate within the AEC industry as one of the groups of our client-base it is likely that you will be losing money in the claim processes, regardless of what side of the claim-game you are sitting on.
It is a game, it is often gaming, so the results depend more on deals than fact.

Our objective is to assist our clients play this game in the most informed way, by providing them with the best possible forensic BIM tools.

If you reached the last line of our introduction and are still not sure what BIM stands for, you need our assistance, urgently. Your margins are likely to be much leaner than they should be.

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  2. Forensic, especially in construction which is changing its face from conventional or digital to a BIM process, how would you clarify your serviced based on, while giving the audience what kind of information you will need from your client to compile comprehensive services that affects the cost and time a conventional construction forensic could cost?