Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Choosing the right BIM software by tossing a coin

There has been a long debate going on a LinkedIn group under the title ‘ArchiCAD vs Revit’ (see link below) so far over 1400 comments …. unable to resist the temptation to put someone right, I occasionally contribute to the debate … or write something just to flesh my superior knowledge of the two products in question…though for most of the time I stay away from it, finding the ‘yes it is’, ‘no it is not’ arguments a bit tedious.

Anyhow, I posted a comment a couple of days ago with regards to the idea that RIBA may be advising its members to favour a particular make of BIM software ahead of some others.
Further comments followed, putting the original writer of the claim on the spot, compelled to come up with evidence of RIBA’s ‘wrongdoings’. (all pretty civilised – the Revit hawks must have missed it)

Feeling responsible for isolating this commenter and RIBA (guilty or not) out of the globally active BIM-bucket – I’ve made another attempt to write up why was this continuing exercise, while addictive and polarising, also totally fruitless – and if it really was as I believe it to be, a lot of hot air, why anyone of authority in the subject still must stay clear from it.

My thoughts on those two ‘whys’ you can read here: