Saturday, September 1, 2012

Escher’s stairs are alive and well! (Or the scissor-stairs get redefined!)

Another day at the office… and a bit more fun to have.
It would be really selfish of me, not to share some of it with the wider industry.

So, here we are: look at these stairs!
Model them! I don’t mind whatever software you use, in fact, doing a real scale model could be just as much fun. Make it out of sand on the beach, snow on a mountain, bake it as a cake!

Do you teach at a tech school? At a university? Get you students to do it too.

Someone will get clever, and ask me if this was ‘just a preliminary design’? Someone barely exploring a concept? Nothing to get exciting about?

Well, it may have been.
But this may be a picture of a staircase copied endlessly over and over in an already tendered out project… A huge project!

Oh, yes and don’t forget the handrail too!