Monday, September 24, 2012

This may yet prove to be the best investment for your future! (Beats collecting coupons!)

Are you a student of architecture, engineering, design or construction management?
Interested in investing in your future? Speak Serbian and are based in the vicinity of Belgrade?
Here is a chance to win a ‘VIP student ticket’ to a day-long BIM seminar – organized by hiCAD:

You need to be one of the first three mailers that answer correctly the following questions:
1/ How many horses were there battling the CAD-game in New Zealand in the nineteen-nineties?
2/ What does one need to have to properly represent 3D stairs in 2D?
3/ What word still rings warning bells for me originated from the FlatCAD era?
4/ What is the second thing Vico has apparently gone away from recently?
5/ How did the industry compensate for the loss of skill-sets required for 2D based (proper) documentation?
6/ When did I first switch camps to join the construction side of the industry?

Email your answers to together with your name and the one of the institution you are studying at.
Beats collecting coupons!
Help: there is a pattern in where the answers can be found within the blog;–
(hint: ‘last day of every second month, starting with… month’)
Alternative – but plausible answers may be accepted too;