Thursday, August 30, 2012

From Zero to Hero in 18 months!

Who says engaging with BIM must be detrimental to one’s career?

BIM is doing wonders to some people’s careers. There’s a gentleman I know of, who went from being ‘just’ a CAD manager in a public company to becoming the Head of Information Services of a large entity, and getting charged with writing the BIM specification for a huge project.

And, I mean HUGE project!
(you’ll run out of space on your average calculator trying to punch in all the numbers of the value of this project!)

Talk about being in the right place in the right time! Or knowing the right people.
Either way, it is another sad day for good-old BIM.
Another day, when a CAD Manager has seized the power. Or, re-seized it?

See, I’m weary of CAD Managers getting into BIM.
Chalk it up to 20 years of working alongside them, internationally.

Can CAD Managers really become good BIM Managers?
I know, there exists a Linkedin Group with a name that suggests they could and are, still I am very skeptical.

In the spirit of my usually lame analogies, let me ask a question: would you hand over the management of an airport (including the fleet of aircraft) to someone that drove trucks all his life?

Or your super-duper railway system?

 OK, I’m being jealous. I’ve somehow missed the boat again.



  1. You fail to mention what qualifications this 'just' a cad manager had under his belt?

    I am finding more and more a push/pull of architects who are resisting BIM yet will poo-poo anyone other than an architect being in charge of making decisions about BIM. Maybe they are scared as being shown up for not being the 'Masterbuiler' that they dream themselves to be.

    Architects need to face facts that they either get with the BIM program or get out of the way and sit over with the interior designers and draw their pretty pictures in sketchup or whatever. They can then leave the actual building of buildings to whoever does it best, be that an Engineer, IT/database/GIS specialist, or whoever else has a broad grounding in modern technologies.


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