Monday, June 11, 2012

The ‘Ultimate BIM resource’

I've been struggling with this big dilemma lately:

Should I buy the BIM White paper published by BD ( and marketed as the ‘ultimate BIM resource’ or not?
Fork out almost 200 pounds and find it mostly useless or carry on wondering ‘what if they really cracked the secret to this big puzzle’ (that has been fascinating me for ages) and I could’ve learned it all for a mere 200 quid?

They let me download the table of contents of the paper for free, a nice read in its own right, peppered through with jargon, well suited for any guide on personal-growth, like ‘learning to embrace change’, ‘making the commitment’, ‘journey towards BIM’ and ‘hunger for guidance’…

You may not get onto the top of the subject of BIM but will feel a hell-of-a-better about yourself having journeyed the journey.

The ‘bestest’ gem I notice is under the Case Studies (11.9) –

The sole practitioner - Emily Greeves Architects;” 
“This makes me wonder… how can the ‘sole practitioner’ (singular) be in the same time ‘architects’ (plural)? Is this a trick question?

Is there a sole (BIM) practitioner operating within the office of (Emily Greeves) Architects or is the singularity term a reference for something else BIM-wise I do not know about but should?

Is the future of BIM in the ‘sole operator’?
What do they know???