Saturday, December 3, 2011

BIM and corruption

My adopted country again made it to the top of two, ‘best of something in the world” lists published this week.
Auckland and Wellington came in high as the best cities to live in, and New Zealand is in first position as the least corrupt country in the world. Denmark and Finland are tied second.

I’ve never been to Finland or any of the other Nordic countries. I hope I’ll get there someday, am very fond of their architects and architecture.
Finnish has been associated with my mother tongue Hungarian and while that theory has been discredited lately, I enjoy interacting with fellow professionals from Scandinavia.

At the buildingSMART gathering last week, the esteemed director from Finland expressed his faith in public building-owners as the main catalyst to bringing BIM into mainstream.

If one was a fan of simple cause-effect theories, one could follow this line of thought:
Non-corrupt countries have public building owners of high integrity that ask for their buildings to be delivered fully model-based.
Thus, NZ as number one non-corrupt country in the World will have for public owners the MOST BIM friendly clients on the planet.
So, if you want success in BIM, go to NZ!
Not me though....Fifteen or so years of running businesses there taught me to sometime value the obvious and clean-cut one, over the perceived ‘non’ corruption.

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  1. Maybe true for NZ

    But ... the Scandinavians are No1 in actual BIM usage on actual projects in actual reality.

    Maybe that could also have something to do with the orderliness of their business sphere?

  2. Here in Brazil, where every public-government-sponsored implementation is overpriced and the schemes among the construction industry are almost default, the adoption of the BIM technology is a great challenge for AEC professionals.