Saturday, June 4, 2011

BIM and Redundancy...

Redundancy in the BIM WORKFORCE?  Not quite!
AEC has had its share of redundancies recently – it is time to put the word to a more positive use. Turning it on its head to promote resilience in the industry.

A bit like IT. There, they talk hardware redundancy, when there’s a provision of multiple interchangeable components performing a single function, in order to provide backup as well as even-out the load each party needs managing.

In BIM when structuring resources apply a similar, parallel processing approach.
Rather than going down the track of having one person prepare/digitise/model information and another check it, get two people model the same information in the same time and compare the two models. This is extremely effective, as between the two of them it is highly likely that the integrity of the data will be good – or huge discrepancies will become apparent to ring early warning bells.

This may sounds totally counterproductive (and a waste of resources) but don’t get discouraged from exploring it in areas that require interpretation of documents prepared by others, like the Virtual Construction end of the BIM spectrum.
Single-or-multidimensional documenting of buildings could benefit from it too.

No need to employ this approach through the entire project – only at key-stages and as part of an overall strategy.
Will expand on this method in the near future.

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