Saturday, July 20, 2013

When is ‘an annual’ not an annual? When a big name university says so; Or is it enough for a big name contractor to do this?

Almost two years ago, I attended the ‘First annual BIM conference in the Middle East’.
It was held in December 2011, a first that I went to, that gifted to all participants a seriously looking laptop-bag AND a hefty BIM-bible, the latter I have been dissecting in my various blog-posts ever since.

Sandwiched between many ‘far-too long’ and ‘far-too self-promoting’ presentations, there was one, that I still remember raising a ‘wow’ moment;
Those that follow my writing may also recall my pre-Christmas post about the kandura –clad doctor; (link below)

That presentation aside, what struck me as unusual beyond the regular hype of BIM conferences was the branding of it as ‘annual’.
‘These guys are confident’ I thought – must have another 6 lined up for the next half a decade to publicly state this to be the first, of many.

And they did not disappoint.
I’m pleased to see, that the second annual conference has been announced for the 16 and 17th of September 2013.
Hmmmm… what about one for 2012?
Admittedly, the official website had got rid of the word ‘annual’, not as sharp was CCC in promoting the event on its own links.

If my style of questioning ‘everything BIM’ irritates you – you will be annoyed at me quibbling over semantics again.
Why can’t I just quietly congratulate them for bringing another ‘top-notch BIM’ event to the region hungry to learn more about it?
Why not celebrate the fact that the ‘largely same crew of presenters’ will lecture about ‘mostly the same topics’ 2 years on, to a hopefully new crowd of enthusiastic BIM opportunists?

Because, I’m tired of this framework where ‘anything goes’ yet hardly anything improves with time.
Someone has got to start crossing the ‘t' s and dotting the ‘i' s.
Why not be me?

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  1. So its costs $1000 USD to attend.

    BUT you get a free Android tablet with the conference material pre-loaded and some (unnamed) 3D software as well.

    Only 1 speaker on that list who is NOT a contractor and he is a sub-consulant to the contractor.

    Day 2 schedule gives only a vague idea of what to expect. I think I'll sit this one out.