Friday, February 10, 2012

A different breed of BIM out/in sourcing... what could be a great catalyst for the change, this industry is waiting for.

I admire many individual architects, engineers and construction managers operating within the AEC, still I regard this layer of the ‘building creation machinery’ to be a major obstacle for a ‘culture’ to emerge that would be progressive, efficient, BIM-friendly and enjoyable to work in.

I often refer to them as the ‘middle-managers’.
They operate somewhere between the ‘top cheese’ that make the strategic decisions on how things are done in the organisation and those that actually do the ‘visible part ‘of the work.
(let’s leave the ‘intellectual part’ out for the moment).
Their biggest sin (in my eyes) is their ‘hands-off’ attitude to information management.

I’ve been accused of personalising this problem, attacking the ‘people’ in it.
I believe in clearly pointing out the need to discard/replace a practice* that obviously is not working industry and worldwide:
De-privilege this middle-management within projects, get them to take full responsibility for what they are supposed to do and the industry will jolt itself out of the hole it’s been stuck-in for decades!

But, how to get this de-privilege-isation happening when strong, vested interests keep ensuring its continuous survival?

My latest hope is in the out/in sourcing firms, smart people that run them, entire-countries even that may size this yet ‘invisible’ opportunity.

No, offering modelling, coordination or (God-forbid) clash-detection-services will not do.
But there’s something-else that may just....

* This ‘practice’ is delivering buildings through second-hand information creation and manipulation and I have already written quite a bit on this subject in the past.


  1. If it is a generational issue then surely once the next generation of tech savvy hands on guys and girls come through then we may see some serious change of processes?


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