Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BIM makes you beautiful….

In turbulent times like these, it is the unexpected little gems of kindness and recognition that light up my days.

One of my first BIM recruits here – a front-line solder  – thrown into a battle with little more than her wits to fight with, has just left the company and sent through a nice ‘thank you note’ before departing.

It is quite personal, so I will not share it with you, but there is something in it, that is definitely of possible wider value – and all BIM- sufferers out there, should take note:

….she says… being involved with BIM kinda thickens my skin a lot”…

A pretty creature she is, no need for this special ‘beauty treatment’ –

I still do hope, that her 15 months in the deepest of trenches of BIM-ridiculicity will leave her with more than just bitter taste.

Now that she has exited the company, I can also make public my opinion that her and the two comradesses left behind could have prevented that project running off the tracks, single-handedly.

Had they been given the chance and support.

And in support, I let them down.

I sort of pulled back after they voicelessly signalled to me that my sponsorship was hurting them – life was too difficult already, could I please ‘help them’ a bit less.

So, good luck Joan, forgive me for sending you into that particular boot camp,
enjoy your future with BIM, ….